Who is Lena Dunham?

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I know many of you have no clue who she is. She’s a twenty something author who wrote a HBO series, GIRLS, about her life. It’s not really her life, but she plays the main character, Hannah, who is based off Dunham. GIRLS is coming to its 5th season soon but by the ratings it seems that everyone who has ever watched an episode has written about it. (Guilty.)

In the blogosphere and new media, Lena Dunham’s comments and actions drive feminist commentary and conservative criticism. She did that lose your voting virginity to Obama ad two years ago. She recently became the spokesperson for Planned Parenthood. She was also the woman on the Vanity Fair cover that Jezebel offered a bounty for the unaltered photos, assuming that Vanity Fair would Photoshop her shots as, by model standards, she is heavy. That’s the long way of saying, all the writers talk about Lena Dunham and when she is involved, things get mixed up.

But if you are wondering why she’s in your feed now, she just published a memoir (for which she got a multi million dollar advance; odd for a twenty something, no?). In it she compares herself to a sexual predator for her curiosity about women’s bodies because she used her little sister to explore. If you are curious, the memoir is called Not That Kind of Girl.



A poor title but a great write-up on Lena Dunham and over-sharing

One of my all time favorite SNL skits, up there with Jesse Jackson reads Green Eggs and Ham. Tina Fey joins GIRLS

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