A To Do List With Economy of Scale

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Just two weeks ago, I posted that since all of my children are in elementary school, getting my To Do list done became easy. I take it back.

The time advantages of the children’s school schedule hasn’t changed, I simply amped up my To Do list to fill my new open blocks of time. My college mentor will chuckle at me. Her daughters and I used to tease her for saying “yes” to everything. I’ll be making another one of those humbling phone calls this afternoon, one of the “Mom, you were right about…” genre that has peppered my life since I became a mother. Something about parenthood shatters the illusion that you know it all, or can predict how life will play out.

One of the expanding To Do list items was my first podcast interview. Joy Pullman of the Heartland Institute interviewed me about some of the differences in US and UK elementary education.  That’s where we started. We went on to various cultural foundations of current education trends. It will show up in the Heartland Daily Podcast, or here. In the intro she mentioned a breast-feeding post of mine that has gotten a lot of laughs. That post is at my old blog here. I’d rework and import it, but I have plans for that early motherhood stuff, a book for mothers who trained as doctors and lawyers and such.

In addition to that book idea and branching out from writing, I’m doing more writing outside of this blog. And I’m working with a startup company in London. More info on those later. Then I have local and church To Dos.

Last night Yasha mentioned that perhaps, maybe I might be overdoing it. He’s probably right, but in my defense, I’m actually doing the same job only in a dozen different ways. Still, a few months from now, I might need to pen a humbling post to my husband about overdoing it. Or perhaps I just have a To Do list with economy of scale.

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