The Most Organized Woman in the World

POSTED ON Jul 05th 2013 BY LESLIE LOFTIS UNDER Housewifery, Life Admin, Travel

My husband gave me that title many years ago. I was on my way to earning it too. In our early marriage and through two kids and two households an Atlantic apart, I was on top of it all. I fell off a bit with bedrest with a twin pregnancy. I blamed my lapses on mommy brain, but looking back I see that they were more tech growing pains. I’d miss an engagement time because I hadn’t synced my phone and desktop or send the wrong daughter to a birthday party because I had used the wrong color on my calendar entry, mistakes not made with paper calendars. I had other small mishaps after the move back, such as running out of milk or eggs because I was used to online grocery shopping and delivery. It takes a lot of time to actually go to the grocery store.

But today, I out did myself. This prompted a little parody from my husband. “The Most Organized Women in the World. She does not often screw up, but when she does, she does so spectacularly.”

So what’d I do? Yesterday, the morning of July 4th and the day before our flight to England, I got out the children’s passports when organizing my carryon. The twins’ passports had expired back in April. We fly today…maybe. I couldn’t even do the 48 hour rush that I did two years ago with the older children’s passports—yes, this is a second time foolish mistake for me—because it was the 4th of July. Federal offices aren’t open. When this posts, I’ll be at the passport office.

This is Houston, and its a renewal, so it can be done. It just isn’t close to a sure thing.

UPDATE: Houston rocks. Passport turnaround in about 4 hours. The guy behind the desk just smiled at me. I’ll tell you though, I’ve never heard such politeness as I did from the people standing in the emergency passport, no appointment line. And when I left the building, I noticed this billboard towering over my parking space. Appropriate, I thought.



  1. Linda said:

    yikes! kids passports expire sooner than our grown up ones. hoping for the best for you!

    and no, we can’t keep up with all of it. something always slips thru the cracks. my errors are frequent—I often double-book my days & then notice only at the last minute, for example. The last spectacular one I can remember is studying for the wrong final in undergrad. Two different classes were in the same room and the exam day didn’t fall on typical class days. Walked in and thought, these are the wrong people. A senior level finance class, closed book. I didn’t have any of the formulas memorized b/c I thought it was the next week. lol.

    my best

  2. Vesta Vayne said:

    Oh my, well I’m glad it all worked out. I’m sure it’s because The Most Interesting Man on Earth was watching over you :-)

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