“Spring Break in Houston is so nice, it’s a shame to leave.”

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That’s what one of my girlfriends said last Sunday as we discussed our Spring Break plans. The city is a bit less busy and the weather is usually perfect. Both of us had opted for a staycation week. The weather did not disappoint. I sat here yesterday working on some drafts.

Spring Break weather

Spring Break in Houston is a fine thing. Not only did six of seven days look like this, but I was in blue jeans, flip flops, and a T-shirt and was a bit warm. For friends who have wondered about visiting us, March/April and October/November are some fine months to visit Texas.

With the exception of a Sunday downpour,* this was the week in weather.

Since my brother moved out two weeks ago (newly engaged and needing funds for a house and wedding, he got a second job near our mom and moved in with her) Calvin, my 9 year old, is hopelessly outnumbered by girls. I mentioned that to Maverick ¬†and it turns out that her eldest son had a different Spring Break than his siblings and his dad is working in Austin. So Maverick’s boy came to stay with us for the week. The boys hadn’t seen each other since their toddler years, but they hit it off instantly. The girls had a few slumber parties and long playdates, which prompted a lot of boys vs. girls water fights and a couple of hostage situations.

All in all, the week was a success. Yasha noted that it looks as if we took the house and shook it out over the yard. With the regular used-but-seldom-put-away tools and toys, earlier the children picked up Easter eggs, which they used as water bombs in those water fights, and various bits of household trash. Like most moms I have a drawer of household items for art recycling, things like paper towel tubes and cereal boxes. The kids didn’t do much art this week, but emptied the drawer for ‘what floats?’ experiments in the pool. A metal can of Mccains oatmeal currently rests on the bottom of my pool. Whoever drives me the most nuts today gets to dive in the chilly water to save the plaster from rust stains. (Of course, they all behaved. Cupcake went to a friend’s, The Things helped me in the new veggie garden, and Calvin even made dinner. The oatmeal can still rests on the bottom of the pool.)

The yard is also littered with Coke cans. Early in the week, the kids dropped a Fresca that sprung a leak and whizzed around the driveway. They thought that was such fun that they picked the grossest drink in my fridge, Coke Zero, and shook the cans, punctured them with forks, and chased each other about the yard with the makeshift squirters. Between the science experimentation with contents under pressure and the judicious use of Coke Zero, I didn’t object. As they had also done a Myth Busters marathon on Tuesday night, I was frankly thankful they chose coke cans.

Spring Break was fun, but I’m glad to see the back of it. I miss routine, especially when that routine involves the kids going to school.

*Houston downpours are kinda like standing under one of those large circle rain shower heads. When we first moved to London, I never took an umbrella because I didn’t see how one could get wet in such weak, misty rain. But in the 15 minute walk to school and 15 minute walk back again, mist can soak a gal. I often think of this rain difference when the currently popular In Between the Raindrops comes on the radio. Prior to living in London, I would have thought the song title a complete nonsense metaphor.

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