Some Mom Days Are Hard to Beat

POSTED ON Nov 25th 2013 BY LESLIE LOFTIS UNDER Feminism, Friendship, PJLifestyle links, Sons, The Federalist Links

Two weeks ago I flew to Toronto for a debate on The End of Men. Be it resolved: Men are obsolete. The week prior, I had articles and books from Caitlin Moran, Maureen Dowd, and Hanna Rosin on my desk, Mac, and iPad. (I’ve read Camille Paglia. She’s one of my few read-everything-they-write people.) My son often reads over my shoulder and browses my tablet anytime I leave it unattended in the kitchen. He’s teaching his eldest sister this trick too. I tend to tweet while cooking, so have had to answer all sorts of odd questions, like who tweets about odd animal anatomy —that’d be their Aunt Kinsey.

Anyway, Calvin was quite upset about all of the end of men stuff. “Who are these people?” he demanded. The End of Men brochure that I brought home from the debate upset him the most. He really didn’t like the men are like ice cream quote.


I had gone to the debate because I wanted to see Paglia in action, I was very interested in the topic, and I had an offer from The Federalist to write it up. In addition to the prep reading, my friend ari, the gal with the long, fact filled comments, emailed me loads of random background info. (Encyclopedia Brown types help a writer out.) Actually, first she had written, “Camille Paglia? Caitlin Moran? Maureen Dowd? Hanna Rosin? Oh….my….stars…………sharp skewers to you!”  I told her, “No. It’ll be fun. And if I can’t get at least three posts out of this fracas, then I’m just not trying.” This is number three and I still have two more drafts which have a Munk occurrence as an illustration. I did one on American’s disrespectful treatment of Canadians and another on the debate itself, on how they didn’t so much argue about the end of men as act out how it is happening. The latter has become my most successful piece so far.

I was at the doctor’s office with Calvin for his 10 year well kid check up. (Childhood goes so quickly! When did he turn 10?) I was checking email to pretend distraction so Calvin wouldn’t be mortified that his mom was listening into a boy stuff chat with the doctor. I got an email from one of my editors, Ben Domenech, aka The Transom guy. My end of men piece was on the front page of RealClearPolitics. It’s a big deal for the kind of writing I do.

When we left the office, Calvin asked why I was so smiley. I told him. Then he said, “You mean you got on a big news site for the article arguing with those end of men ladies?” Yep, I told him, that was the one. He cracked a big grin and then high fived me.

That pretty much made my year.


Calvin offered to make me a Lego X-wing in celebration…and then asked for a Chima set for himself. Slick. But I do love the X-wing.
If you are wondering what the blue tarp in the background is, while I’ve been writing about the theoretical end of men, a half dozen men have been digging a tunnel under my house to repair a damaged pipe under my kitchen and a bathroom. The tarp is the vain attempt to keep the rain out of the tunnel so it doesn’t collapse on them while they replace the pipe. Between my son and those men outside my window, I had a hard time avoiding a straight rant.


  1. edge of the sandbox said:

    Congratulations on making the front page of Real Clear. Wow!
    By the way, I’ve been trying to comment on your PJ Media pieces, but I appear t be blocked.

  2. Leslie Loftis said:

    Thanks and ack! Send me an email with your login handle. I’ll send it on to Dave. They’ve tweaked the system a few times, so it might be something with that. Will get sorted. I miss your comments and I don’t get over to yours enough. You have email feed?

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