School Started

POSTED ON Sep 13th 2013 BY LESLIE LOFTIS UNDER Housewifery, Motherhood, PJLifestyle links

I had been waiting for this school year. About 10 years ago I became a mother and my time got thrown into the woodchipper. As a stay at home mom I did have all the hours of the day, just broken into tiny little pieces. This year, my time would come back together. My youngest started kindergarten. I have the hours 7:30-3:30 to myself, mostly anyway.

I wouldn’t trade my fractured days of early motherhood, but I can’t say I wasn’t ready to see the back of them. I’m a little nostalgic for the baby days, I will admit. Start me in the hospital a few hours after delivery, and I’m good to go. I’m sure this transition would be harder if my kids weren’t ready for school. But they didn’t even look back. They were ready, I was ready, and my brother is getting married soon so I’ll get a baby cuddle again.

I planned on writing about this two weeks ago, when school actually started. But instead, I just got used to the new schedule. I enjoyed it. It hasn’t been leisurely in the bon bons and spa day sense. It’s been leisurely because I can actually get my to do list done, even when it includes beasts like touring nursing homes for my ill and aging uncle and the obligatory start of year tummy bug. (It barely touched Calvin and Terremoto. Me it laid out for the weekend. I still can’t eat.) Just like all the other big days that came before, graduations, weddings, childbirth—they are but a day. The work of life just changes after they pass.

So now I’m actually writing. I even got two pieces to PJLifestyle. To Marry A Man and I’ll link to The World’s End when it goes up. (Friday. It’s a movie review.) I didn’t fly the first one by my husband before posting. He would’ve been too embarrassed to let me publish it.


  1. Expat Mum said:

    We’ve been back since September 4th and we were ready. My ten year old was very excited to get away from me, I mean, see all his friends again. So now they leave for school at 8am and I have till 3.00pm each day before the madness starts again. You’d imagine we’d have days of wandering around the house, drinking tea, smiling at the dog etc. but usually when they leave I’m initially paralyzed with the enormity of my to-do list, (self-inflicted) and then I’m like a whirling Dervish for the rest of the day. It’s no wonder I flop into bed before 10.30 each night!

  2. Leslie Loftis said:

    I’ve got 7:30 to 3:30. An additional hour. Hey, “every little counts.”

  3. Maggie Magdalene said:

    My younger kids started on the 27th of August (private, Catholic elementary, and the diocese takes pride in having the kids at school more days than the public schools), and my high schooler started after Labor Day. The first week that everyone was in school, the younger kids’ school closed due to a contamination issue with the city water. The next week, my youngest came down with a cold, and I kept her home on Friday. The following week, my third came down with the same cold and stayed home on Wednesday, and this week, the same child stayed home yesterday and is still home today with what appears to have been food poisoning. (I’m holding hope that it is). Perhaps sometime yet this year, everyone will go to school for a whole week…

  4. Maggie Magdalene said:

    In the meantime, I am distracted just enough to get practically nothing done, and have spent the last two days trying to explain to my almost ten-year old daughter why it is not OK with me for her to watch Disney and Nickelodeon tween TV series nor Mary Kate and Ashley movies.

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