Resorting to the Just Do It Approach

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I knew summer was going to be difficult for writing, but I wasn’t ready for this. It’s like those times, after the kids sleep through the night, when someone is sick and not sleeping and you wonder how in the world you dealt with broken sleep every night. How did I ever write anything? I’m right back in the early days of motherhood when it seemed my time went though a wood chipper.

I rose early to write and cook breakfast before the children awoke. I started on a how the Clintons are like the Hepburns piece for @TheConWom, but when The Transom arrived and I made coffee, I found that Domenench beat me to it. Brainstorming another angle while frying the bacon, I saw that Meriam, her children, and this time her husband have been “re-arrested”–kidnapped maybe–by some Sudanese security forces called the Agents of Fear. According to Amnesty International their MO involves taking people to “ghost houses” for torture sessions. Last night news broke that 60 more girls and 31 boys were kidnapped by Boko Haram. Compared to #bringbackourgirls frenzy in the spring, few seem to notice. And I’ve only seen one tweet about the boys.

I tried to write all of it–that’s mistake #1. Attempts at concentration met with:Sydney in a tutu or two

  • Burnt pancakes by the children. Bacon, fruit, and yogurt wasn’t enough food for them, so they cooked. I’m all for that even though it usually involves my intervention at some point. Adding butter to a rocket hot pan makes smoke and then cooks pancakes more quickly than when Daddy does it.
  • A dog in a ballet (see picture)
  • A classic example of how boys play games with rules and girls try to change the rules. My eldest daughter HGClaudia (formerly known as Cupcake) thought that the 5 second grace period should have been 8 seconds, or at least that is what I gather from the yelling. That sent me to try to edit a working draft related to none of the topics of the day.
  • A battle over bathing suits. All three girls want the purple one. (Pink has been over for a while.)
  • A mini-drama involving rocks in the pool and leaking goggles.

It’s been a long time since I wrote a post almost stream of consciousness in one sitting, but I just had to get something writing related accomplished. The Just Do It approach used to work. Here’s hoping.

UPDATE: Four days later…Just Do It still works. I’ve finished 2 and have 3 more almost ready. But most of my old writing tricks don’t work. If I leave the house for a remote office (Berryhills or cafe with wifi) now the kids are older and can call me with their questions. Interruptions and broken time are just summer. So I’ve resorted to my When in Rome adaption, if you only have small blocs of time, do things that only require small blocs of time, tweeting, short reading, commenting. That will work and I’ve not done it in a while. I can also just go with summer and get back to full on housewifery for a few weeks. My errand basket is pretty full, come to think of it.

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