Remember TANG?

POSTED ON Jan 11th 2014 BY LESLIE LOFTIS UNDER Food, Pop culture

Comfort and Joy tea

For anyone who grew up drinking that spice tea made with TANG–I’ve searched for years for something like it–try the Republic of Tea’s Comfort and Joy Tea with a splash of orange juice.
For the young, or maybe anyone who didn’t grow up around NASA, TANG was the powdered orange juice drink that the astronauts used in space. It had a sour twang, like an orange sour ball. In the 70’s it featured in a popular gift in a mason jar, layering the instant Lipton tea (cue cringing by everyone in the UK) with TANG, sugar and cinnamon, cloves, and anise. The spice tea was better than TANG or instant tea alone, but frankly Comfort and Joy is better. All the more for soothing my scratchy throat, one of those things tea does better than coffee. We’ve a cold going around here.
And I didn’t know that the still made TANG, but I just found it on Amazon in the Grocery & Gourmet Food category. That’s just wrong–not that it is available but that it is in any way “gourmet.” I almost want to get some for the kids. I wonder if it would be as bad as the time I stocked Spagetti O’s for bad weather larder stocks. I’d loved the canned pasta as a kid. I couldn’t gag them down as an adult. Do I want to risk ruining TANG?

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