President’s Day, aka, Another No School Day

POSTED ON Feb 18th 2013 BY LESLIE LOFTIS UNDER Motherhood, Politics

Schools use President’s Day and MLK Day as either/or holidays and bad weather makeup days. Sometimes they are off. Sometimes not. So I’ve got two at home. They are playing. I am writing. But until I can get anything polished up, a presidential post from a few months ago: Which President Wins in a Hunger Games Style Brawl? My old history teacher wrote back that this is in fact educational gold, and he would have used it if he’d thought of it.

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  1. awindram said:

    Oh dear, I read that as milk day. Even went as far as googling it to learn more.

  2. Leslie Loftis said:

    Note to self, when opening a comment from awindram, do not take a swig of coffee.
    I’m curious about your search result. Had google seen this previously? Did it ask or assume if you meant MLK? Sounds the same. Could be another entry in BBC’s MindTheGap article about misused expressions.

  3. awindram said:

    Ha! This was the second result that google gave me –

    I’m not in good company, but I’m not alone.

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