Pink Shoes For All!

POSTED ON Jun 28th 2013 BY LESLIE LOFTIS UNDER Abortion, Adoption, Morality by Consumption

For Angela, my cousin who was adopted as I was, and our five children, I submitted this review on the pink running shoe worn by Sen. Wendy Davis:

I’m want to remember this shoe, exactly what it looks like, pink with the funky side wave, because every time I see it, I will see a woman who claims to support all women but likely wouldn’t have cared about me, or my three daughters. As an adopted woman from a teenage mother, pro-choice has always been personal to me, encouragement to choose to terminate my life. Pink trainers will now be my sunny reminder of how “all” women are respected.
I will cushion the offense by remembering this little twist: supposedly enlightened modern women practicing morality through fashion. Pink fashion at that. Very gendered, no? Besides the irony, what do the purchasers really get? New running shoes and some smug self-satification? It’s a great illustration of the feminist conceit, talk about womenkind but actually serve the self. And Mizuno. They will be the concrete winners in all this. Pink shoes flying off the shelves. Surely, there are enough buyers in Austin alone to pool and maybe convince Mizuno to sell that morality wholesale. Don’t give that capitalist corporation all the profits. Most of the other consumer morality brands–Toms, RED, I think Seven for All Humanity does too–at least donate a share of profits to a cause.


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  1. ari said:

    okay, the brain, it is not in all gears. But anyway……..

    Have you ever seen that reality show with Matt Nordegren and his Fort Worth moved to Dallas girlfriend? And noticed how judgey she is,? Husband loves her, doesn’t realize how hard I work to hide that natural version of her in myself. It’s not a lot of fun to be around, 24/7. I know I don’t look it, or live it, but it’s in there, as the compass.

    anyway, on Wendy Davis? So, she starts out brunette paralegal, knocked up at 19, and the guy doesn’t marry her? And her mom isn’t married either? Which means she’s missing some pretty basic Dallas Marriage Machine skills. I’ll note- Bill Gates, wealthiest man in the world, famously autistic, jerk, fan of Seattle strippers- married a Dallas Marriage Machine Girl. It’s an industrial strength skill set. So it’s really hard to take her seriously in the first place. It’s about like having a blind person giving tours of the Louvre.

    It’s about like that joke on 30 Rock- Tina Fey, with the awful love life, visits her mom, and her moms says ” It’s complicated….I’d just graduated secretarial school, and I was working at Sterling Cooper….” I have no idea how the rest of the anecdote goes, since I just read it, but still………..

    Her hair. Okay, so she’ s blonde now, like she’s from Dallas ( classing up the jernt) and yet, so close, so far away……..she doesn’t have that little strip of brown near her scalp, which shows she went to a salon, and they had the sense to put conditioner on her scalp so she didn’t burn her skin……she looks like a cheap, single process, at home, bottle blonde, not a salon blonde, and definitely not a Dallas Salon Blonde. It’s a calling card in Dallas. It just is. I don’t know about LA or New York, but Dallas, you have that little line of authentication that you went to a salon.

    I just really have a hard time taking her seriously, for really shallow reasons. She’s trashy, and dumb. Maybe not law-school dumb, but Metroplex social norms dumb.

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