Pink is not my signature color. It is more of a neutral.

POSTED ON Feb 14th 2013 BY LESLIE LOFTIS UNDER Daughters, Housekeeping

As my husband left for the office on Monday, he asked why the house had exploded in red and pink. This from a man with three daughters. If he thinks the house has exploded in pink, then we are trending to that sanctuary that looked like it was hosed down with Pepto Bismol. To his credit, he was quick with his own answer: Valentine’s Day and three daughters, two of which have a birthday this week.

I confess that I like decorating for Valentine’s Day, even though pink is not my color of choice. Besides the pinkalicious-ness that comes from having three young daughters, the family that owned this house before us had two daughters. She planted pink roses, pink camellias, and pink azaleas. And sometime in the 60’s the house was built in that pinkish brick. Pink is a neutral in this household. That’s a bit of a problem, for, as long as I’m tossing Steel Magnolias references around, I do have a signature color. It is red. Red and pink only mix on Valentine’s Day. Throw in a birthday party for little twin girls and a decorating explosion just happens.

So Valentine’s week is always bustling around here. This year, though, we aren’t finished yet. I have more of this post to write—I can hardly wait to write the rest…but not yet. I’ve spent part of the morning negotiating when I may announce the news. Tonight if I have my way. So until this evening…

UPDATE: Those negotiations weren’t negotiations, just my brother messing with me. He told me he wouldn’t call with the news because they would need some couple time. I countered that if all went well, they’d have lots of couple time over the next decade. Besides, she has three sisters. She would call at least one of them with the news. He would have time to send a yes or no text to his sister. He stood his ground in that annoying baby brother way, so I got nervous when he did call at 8:45. He tried to mess with me again, but my FUTURE SISTER-IN-LAW came to my rescue and yelled over him that they were getting married.

Yep, my baby brother is engaged. He has chosen well and to say that my mother and I are excited about this match is an understatement.

Now come the logistics. My brother has been living with us for the last two years. The children in particular don’t want him to move. But they like their aunt to be. They decided that was a good trade. (We haven’t discussed the house wolf pack yet. Two are ours and one is his. We are still in negotiations about whether I get to keep all three canines.) The family meet will be fun. We might need a venue. She’s the youngest of five and already has a herd of nieces and nephews my kids’ ages. We might do it here where 20 kids can run and play outside and the adults can actually mingle. Eventually, my mother and I have to plan a rehearsal dinner. My mother is the World’s Greatest Grandmother (TM) and she and I get along very well, but we have different opinions on parties. I might have some adventures in party planning posts in the coming months. But no matter. My baby brother is getting married. Congratulations to him.



  1. Yasha said:

    Yes, I spoke with the newsmaker in question, who informed me of your, ah, tenaciousness in seeking the news. He noted that you barged in on him while he was disrobing to shower, to demand the news. When he asked you to leave, you kept asking and tried to come in. When he closed – and had to lock – the door, you kept speaking *loudly* through the door. He eventually resorted to stepping into the shower and singing to drown you out.

  2. Leslie said:

    I didn’t barge in, I cracked the door so he could hear me better. And I wasn’t seeking the news but the results notification procedure. He seems to think that he’s not going to tell me until tomorrow. Patience is not my virtue. Tomorrow will not do.

  3. Laura said:

    Congratulations to your brother and I’m liking the new blog.

  4. Natalie said:

    Wooooo Hoooooooo!!!!! Congrats to Trey!! And regarding news and the timing of its release, it IS tomorrow when you blog at 1:40 a.m. 😉

  5. Nauru said:

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