Nine Year Olds Cost the Most and Other Sickening Surprises from Google Alerts about Heavy Topics

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I’ve recently reorganized my Google Alerts. The one that riveted me the most from last year was my alert for “gang rape”. I received daily collections of 5 to a dozen articles about gang rape from places like India and Pakistan. The stories often ended in in murder or suicide of the victim. It was overwhelming and so out of line with the occasional flurries of gang rape articles in the United States, which were usually multiple reports on one domestic event in which the accused had already been arrested. The only time US links drowned out links abroad was during the Rolling Stone journalism scandal.

The US media only covered a small fraction of the stories from abroad, and not even the worst of them. That’s partially why I was surprised. I assumed they had covered the most sensational but not all. Actually, they cover hardly any, and those aren’t the worst. The US media has a well-earned reputation for going for the drama, except it seems in the cases of gang rape outside the US. The public might be forgiven for not knowing how difficult life can be for women in other parts of the world.

When I added Google Alerts this year, I didn’t expect any of them would  surprise me more than the “gang rape” alert had. But I added an alert for “Christian persecution.” Not only am I getting more links than for gang rape–covered by specialized outlets not news organizations, of course–but also, some of the links are compilations compilations, long compilations, of reports covering everything from burning alive, to sports teams removing crosses from soccer jerseys so as not to offend Muslim sensibilities, to price lists for kidnapped Christian women and girls. Nine year olds are the most expensive.  They cost about $175.   It’s all at the link.

Below is today’s update.



Christian Persecution

Daily update ⋅ January 22, 2015


Catholic Online
India turns on Christians; 2014’s wave of religious terror leaves many fearing state-sponsored 

Last year was not a great year for ChristianityPersecution and murder were rampant in the Middle East-especially in Syria and Iraq-throughout Africa …

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Christian Post
ISIS Kidnaps 20 Egyptian Christians in Libya; Miracle of God Needed to Prevent Expected 

Jacobson explained that the abducted Christians were Egyptian residents working in Libya solely because they were trying to escape the persecution …

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The War On Christians

While in 2014 the days of throwing Christians to wild beasts in the arena may be behind us, the persecutionof Christians around the world isn’t. In fact …

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Patheos (blog)
Pope: Catholics, Lutherans in shared Christian witness

Your visit comes within the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. … insecurity, persecution, pain and suffering experienced so widely in today’s world.

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