My Taxi Driver Told Me…

POSTED ON Aug 09th 2016 BY LESLIE LOFTIS UNDER Footnote Post, US Foreign Policy, US/UK compare and contrast

Another blog post by footnote, this one for tomorrow’s America Watch.

I know that New Yorkers consider taxi driver stories cliché, but I see that as just one more way that bubble dwellers maintain their bubble. It makes seeing through the eyes of others uncool. It both puts other perspectives out of reach and elevates the opinion of people who can pay for taxi services above the observations of those who provide those services. I once thought this just annoying but these contrived separations (see also, “never read the comments”) laid the foundation of this terrible election cycle, and I’m done ignoring them.

A guy made me think about something from a fresh perspective. I don’t care if he was a taxi driver.

Oh, and about that comment that if you can’t find inspiration in the Virgin Islands then you need to get out of creative business, this was my office for the week, complete with daughters building in the sand.

BVI Office

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