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Back in our newlywed days a friend of mine dubbed my husband “Marty Stewart.” We were having a party. We were always having parties, and early on it was my husband’s insistance on entertaining that drove us. Now I’m used to hosting, but then, I was grumpy because it was a lot of work. I’d probably mentioned that to Marion, and she had been supportive—until she tasted my husband’s pumpkin cookies. She took one bite, her eyes popped open, and she declared, “Way to go, Marty Stewart!” From that point on I got no sympathy about the trials of entertaining. And Yasha gained another nickname.

I have learned much about throwing parties since then, but the hospitality credit really must go to my husband, Marty Stewart. He is a consummate host. While I type this, he is in the kitchen prepping sugar cookies for the kids to decorate for the neighbors. (I don’t bake. It requires too much precision. He, an Alton Brown acolyte, weighs his ingredients.)

So after more than a decade of marriage and New Year’s Eve parties every year, including the one I was heavily pregnant with twins—my sister in law provided her house and a chair for the three of me—I thought he couldn’t surprise me. But I can take no credit for the delish mulled wine he prepared for gift giving this year. I had no idea about his project until the wonderful scent of hot spiced wine wafted though the house. He had labels prepared, gold foil closures, and everything else.

Merry Christmas from the Lofti

This. I would never have thought of this. But I’ve added it to our Advent tasks for next year. Delicious, atypical, thoughtful, and relatively easy. And he adds a bit of cognac. What’s not to like?

So a toast to my husband, Marty Yasha Stewart, a domestic master. It was his idea to do the candles that I just pinned on my Pinterest account, too.

In other news, Marty takes off the last weeks of the year, and I do one of my frequent internet breaks. Family time, and all that. I’ll be back after January 5th. I just posted at PJLifestyle in Susan LM Goldberg and my “What To Do About Feminism” series. And if I can get it finished tomorrow, I’ll have something on the worst Christmas song and charity (they are related) at The Federalist sometime this week. If not, the topic will hold, but I’ve almost got it ready to go. I hate to lose it for a lack of a few hours, but sometimes it happens.

Merry Christmas.

Death Star Sidecar

Last night while I wrapped gifts, he whipped up this delightful concoction for me: a Sidecar, with Death Star ice (mold was a gift from my brother last year, and it is a fave item) in a double old fashioned glass. Marty prefers to use traditional cocktail glasses for cocktails, but for gift wrapping I needed drink stability.



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