Just When You Think You Know How…

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I’ve forgotten how to live in London. Mostly. I remembered the gray. Even though it is June, I packed layers, stuff I might wear in Texas in winter. I didn’t pack the nice trench coat I bought while we still lived in London as I must’ve left it in the flat when we sent everything to storage. That was a mistake. It would have come in handy. Other than the weather, however, I’ve forgotten almost everything else about life in London.

I keep missing the double cheek kiss greeting and goodbye. I go in for a hug. That works among Texas girlfriends but not so much here. Luckily I’ve been meeting good friends so they’ve just had a giggle at my expense.

I was 20 minutes late to a meeting because I forgot that you have to plan for taxi hauling time. You don’t always need 15 minutes to catch a cab, but cab catching quickness is inversely proportional to importance of your engagement. Luckily that meeting went well, but more on that later.

At Peter Jones, I found myself stepping aside to hold the door open while apologizing  “pardon” when others bumped into me. That’s a triple mistake. Holding the door, saying that word rather than “excuse me”, and apologizing for a bump done by another. M&M only thought she cured me of that a few years ago.

I’m hopeless. And this is only my first trip back of the summer. I’m back again next week and then later in the summer with the children.

Anyway, I think I’ve mentioned here, maybe in the Housekeeping Matters page, that I’m in for a busy summer. But it is a good busy summer, full of potential. For that potential—and my sanity—I should take a tip from fellow blogger at The Signal Watch and go on temporary hiatus (after his Man of Steel review, thankfully). But every time I do that, the words start to flow. Something about London just gets me writing. It doesn’t hurt that friends ask why I’ve slowed down.

If things keep going as they are, I will be back and forth more often in the coming year. And the reasons for the travel will certainly get me writing. That Razing the Village post I’ve yet to publish keeps growing. Not the text, the ideas behind it and the ‘what am I prepared to do?’ about it. Just consider my variable speed multi-tasking set to random for the moment.

By the way, the WordPress editor works only marginally better than the Blogger editor on an iPad. If anyone has recommendations for blogging from an iPad, please let me know. Moving the cursor around is a pain in the web editor.



  1. heather mc said:

    You life style requires a HUGE amount of energy!

    Anyway, how are you and Ari doing with those Feminist books? I’m interested in your reactions.

  2. Leslie Loftis said:

    Ari and I got together two weeks ago, but ran out of time for a book exchange. We had 4 daughters with us. And a load of artwork. Didn’t manage the books yet, and ari doesn’t want to open the box before I am with her because it will end up scattered all over her house. She’s one of those 15 books at a time readers. And summer isn’t exactly slow for me right now. I promise you, we will talk reactions when we get the to the goods.

  3. edge of the sandbox said:

    I have to be at desktop to post. The Ipad keyboard gives me CTS.
    I have to admit that I’m still freaked out by the American (or California) unisex custom of embracing each other in place of greetings. It was particularly weird when I was in my 20s and single men my age threw themselves on women they barely knew. Anyhow, that’s just my immigrant perspective.

  4. Leslie Loftis said:

    Immigrant/expat perspectives are very illuminating. The unisex embrace isn’t universal. Maybe in California. In Texas it is reserved for good friends after a long absence. But when I head back to London, see people I’ve not seen in months, and everyone leans in for the double cheek, then I default to hug. When I went back the week after writing this post, I tired to be more reserved. Apparently I worried friends that I was upset with them. I wasn’t. Just jet lag and cultural hiccups. Sorted now.
    Do you have any weird tics when you go back to Russia to visit?

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