I thought business cards were over.

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No. Apparently not.

Moms don’t need business cards. We call each other and then enter the identifying information while the kids snack and play. Or we have the class list, well sort of, usually. Class lists are complicated (and that privacy issue I mentioned, it came up here in Texas just this year when teachers recalled their first class emails because they hadn’t bcc’ed all the parents.)

Class list complications or no, business cards are just one more thing to keep up with in the diaper bag, hence the on-the-spot call-each-other number exchange technique. I was actually surprised the beaming contacts Palm trick didn’t take off (remember Palms?), but I guess by the time you beamed you could call. Anyway…

When my writing started moving, my helpful husband made some business cards for me. I carried them for a while but never found need of them. I put them someplace out of the way that I can no longer recall, which is unfortunate because now I need those cards.

Lack of business cards first became a problem while I was organizing the Hub Dot Houston launch. The night of the launch, not having business cards was a full hindrance. Less than two weeks later, I attended a Fan Studies conference. I got a few business cards—including a gal who did her grad thesis on translating novels to screenplays, one of my favorite topics—but I had none to give. Ditto for the first Hub Dot Supper Club in London. (That was loads of fun.) And when I got back, writer networking picked up. I could have used cards last week at an Independent Women’s Forum meet and greet.

It’s all sortable. I found the prof who did the insightful Morrissey talk at the conference. And I’ve read a bunch of IWF’s Lean Together (my favorite chapter, 10, A Safety Net that Empowers, not Enables by Patrice Lee.) But it would all be easier with business cards. Things that have been around as long as business cards have, they probably lasted for a reason. They are useful. UPDATE: A friend designed some cards for me. I got them printed at (Site for the link below.) I highly recommend them. They turned out great and MOO is a pleasure to buy from. And the whole thing inspired me to finally design this website the way I want. Changes coming soon.


Imagined business cards for historical figures such as Shakespeare, Benjamin Franklin, Ian Fleming, and Charles Darwin

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