Herd Dogs vs. Possum (Not really vs. so much as watching)

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Fourth of July is a late night for us. And we fly the next day, as usual.* So I was trying to sleep in, but a no sleepover article that a friend posted on FB was churning my gut. (That’ll be an article in the next few weeks.) I went to make coffee to write a reply. And this is what I found in the den. Herd dogs and possums.Herd Dogs vs Possum

Note, they aren’t chasing the varmint. They are just watching it, making sure it doesn’t go any further into the house. Or so I thought. When Jim finally got the critter out—he had to use a big shovel as the dogs wouldn’t chase it but their guardian pose had it playing, well, possum. It wasn’t going to walk out that door up those two steps.

When we got it outside, Sydney (the black dog) went out the dog door, picked it up like a puppy, AND TRIED TO CARRY IT BACK IN THE DOG DOOR! (I don’t often use shouty capitals. This seemed like a good time to make an exception.) That’s how the varmint got in! It’s Sydney’s pet! The dog who allows my daughters to dress her in tutus (scroll down) she adopted a possum. When my mom got in from staying with my dad last night, she completely freaked out, because if that “pet” gets brought back in the house while we are gone—well, she just has my brother and my contractor who will be painting while we are away, set to speed dial. Sydney is my brother’s dog anyway. To my poor dear contractor, to whom I will break this news at a BBQ later this afternoon, sorry, my friend. Looks like you pulled varmint duty at the Loftis house. (For the record, he’s one of those great, manly guys that seem so elusive in the modern era but aren’t. He’ll tease us, but happily help my mom out in a pinch. And, yeah, I’m using a little flattery psychology. Not strictly necessary, but deserved.)

By the way, possums are really ugly.

*This year I checked the passports months ago… and again last week. Maybe next year, we’ll have a normal 4th of July.

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