Friday Night Discoveries

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My mother came over today. Cupcake had GoTexan day at school, so Mimi came down for the western dancing. Shockingly they don’t do the “Cotton Eye’d Joe” anymore. There’s a “bullcaca” version that teachers used to use back in my day. Too bad. It was our favorite as kids. (For non-Texans, it’s a line dance about shaking cow feces off of your boots.)

Anyway, Mimi stayed and is feeding the kids dinner. Normally that would mean date night for Yasha and I, but he’s somewhere over the Atlantic at the moment. So I’m eating takeout sushi in my bedroom, hiding from the children so I can get two pieces finished.

Terremoto, one of my 5 year olds, did not allow me to hide for long. Mimi wasn’t letting her light candles on the table “to make dinner pretty.” She wanted a trump opinion. I told her that whatever Mimi said was the answer. She got cross with me and, bless her, said “Just for that, I’m going to lock you in your room.” I managed to keep a resigned poker face. She couldn’t figure out how to do the lock, so I told her that I’d take care of it. And she left.

If this works, it will be such a fine thing. I’ll start suggesting that they lock me in my room.

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