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To Marry a Man 

I usually tell my husband when I am writing about him. This time I didn’t. He wouldn’t have let me publish it.

Feminism and the Razing of the Village

Feminism promised to empower women. Instead it destroyed their support system.

High achieving women are not prepared for motherhood

Trained to be doctors and lawyers and such, motherhood surprises today’s young educated women

What to do about “feminism”

The term is wasted while there is still work to be done.

The beginning and, hopefully, the end of the Mommy Wars

It is a simple but not very popular fix.

8 Rules for the Eternal Rebel

We have been active, just not effective.


How Tos

Top 10 Parenting Books for New Parents

The Happy Couples Guide to Marriage (and Sex) After a Baby

Congrats! You’re Pregnant. Now What?

Babycare: Newborn, 2 months, 4 months, 6 months

Have Yourself a Very Retro Christmas

How to blame a group, or not

The Just Do It Guide To Holiday (Or Everyday) Hosting

How to avoid The App-Driven Life


About that Confidence Gap

Free Bleeding (yes, it is a real thing)

Feminists and the Men They Respect

Shame, Not Just for Women

Rational Men, Irrational Women

Mean Girls and Rape Prevention

 Rosin and Dowd vs. Paglia and Moran on The End of Men

The Sandwich Generation and the Painful Unintended Consequences of Second Wave Feminism

The Guy’s Not-So-Great Guide to Birth Control

Miscarrying While Feminist

Beyond the Lace Curtain

Irony, thy name is feminism. 


Who Writes Fan Fiction and Why?

Princess Leia: The Hidden in Plain Sight and Left There Heroine

The Rape of Sansa Stark

When sex got boring, or 50 Shades of Grey vs Twilight

Gender Swapping Twilight

RIP The Hollywood Summer Blockbuster, 1970something to 2012

Netflix Reboots Voltron

Betting Against the Wonder Woman Movie

Arya or Daenerys?

When We Should Have Known The Force Awakens Would be a Rip of A New Hope

Veronica Mars, Movie by Kickstarter

Religion & Politics

Confronting the Truth About the Pro-Life Movement

Morality, On Sale at a Store Near You

The Cruel Optimism of Modern Compassion

America is not coming this time

Food Gentrification: Pricing out food and discouraging community

How well will American Christians Wear Our Cross

Three or More Useless Men

Where are conservative women?

The Problem With American Presidential Debates

Obama’s Great Accomplishment


Fatherlessness: We Need Family Law Reform

Explaining the Second Amendment to Brits

The Frat Boys Suing Rolling Stone are Right

Religious Institutions and the Coming Tax-exemption Battles

If the Government Gives Contraception, then the Government Can Take it Away

A Simple Solution to US Healthcare Woes


9 Things We Don’t Discuss About Helicopter Parenting But Should

Advice to British Mothers about Helicopter Parenting

Lessons from the elite Mommy Wars

Whose Brilliant Idea was National Men Make Dinner Night?

Why you shouldn’t “let” your husband help with the kids

Marriage, or not; Family, or not

Three Studies about Fatherhood that Will Shock You (But Shouldn’t)

Six Recurring Themes in Motherhood

Where’s My Village? The Growing Concern About Elder Care

Tales Desperate Fathers Tell

Only Children Are the Ones With Excessive Self-Esteem?

Losers in the Brave New World of Fertility: Fathers and Children

4 Ways 3 Children are Easier Than 2

The Bad Advice Under “Conscious Uncoupling” 

Motherhood for Professionals

Top 10 Parenting Books

6 Parenting Truths from the Voice of Experience

Congratulations, You’re Pregnant! Now What?


2 to 8 Weeks

Radio and Podcasts

 The Michael Koolidge Show on 8 Rules for Conservative Rebels (Might have to scroll. No individual link.)

An American Housewife on Moms, Schools, and England 

Dr. Vibe Show: Leslie Loftis on Equality and Increasing Awareness of The Boy Crisis

Leslie Loftis Promo Equality Wars for interview full size