COUSs, Carrots of Unusual Size

POSTED ON Apr 24th 2015 BY LESLIE LOFTIS UNDER Food, Housekeeping, Housewifery, Motherhood, Texas

When we planted our kitchen garden last fall, the twins got a little too enthusiastic about scattering seeds. Areas and spacing within areas went by the way side. This is Houston, so any seed stuck in the ground will grow—it might not survive the heat, but it’ll sprout. As our plants sprouted, we lost track of what we had planted where. So I completely missed when the carrots came up. They grew until the stalks were really huge and long and I wondered what weed those little white flowers peeking up over our wall were.

I didn’t realize they were carrots until I went to the garden to get some thyme. I noticed the top of the root on those crazy-tall weeds. I pulled them up and got the COUSs, Carrot of Unusual Size (and Shape).
  Carrots 2
I almost need a wide lens to get the carrot tops in a photo.
Carrots 1
I also got Siamese carrots too. I figure this is from the lack of spacing control. They grew together.
Carrots 3
They might look ridiculous, but they are still tasty. Pretty produce of consistent shape and size—it rarely tastes like much, much less what it is supposed to taste like. Funky looking and tasty is better, though next fall I will monitor the seed scattering more closely.


  1. Marie said:

    Our carrots come out like little toothpicks. Impractical.

    I did plant three beets as houseplants and they have grown Bonzai-ish beet trees. They got big.

  2. Leslie Loftis said:

    This is Houston. Stick it in the ground and it’ll grow. It might melt or drown in the heat and humidity, but it’ll start growing.

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