Christmas Questions of the Life Admin Kind

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To Elf on the Shelf or no?* Should you lie to your lie to your kids about Santa Clause about Santa Clause or not? Those two questions alone are enough debating to be getting on with.
But there’s more. There has been some chatter in declared feminist circles about gender holiday roles. Is it gender bias for women to wrap the presents? I tend to agree with Amy Otto here that this is much self-imposed ado about nothing. Domestic chores need to be done and done competently, but whipping up a storm about is is complete waste of time. More importantly, marriage, and family, is about partnership not scorekeeping. This all came to mind last night as per the stereotype I sat on the floor in my husband’s study, cutting up red and gold paper and running out of sticky tape.
My eldest daughter joined me, and so, the lady Lofti wrapped the gifts. But where were the manly Lofti? They were in the kitchen making dinner…and the mulled wine we give away as gifts…
Hipster like pic of mulled wine mulling in enameled cast iron dutch oven--those things are good for everything
and keeping us–or me–supplied with an adult beverage. Yasha has started teaching Calvin the art of drink mixing. Although my son is quite the mixer now he’s still a novice. My sidecar is delicious but he made it “up” which is not very conducive to gift wrapping. I did manage not to spill.
Hipster like pic of a Sidecar cocktail with Christmas presents
These are but details. The father-son bonding is happing. The grandmother-mother-daughter bonding is too. Who cares which set is in the kitchen and which set is in the study? The gifts are wrapped, the house smells fabulous. And we are waiting on Santa.
Stockings on the mantel waiting for Santa
Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.
*Link to the Kindness Elves variation because one of my girlfriends highly recommends it.


  1. Marie said:

    I remember that Otto story! Time flies. . . .

    I hope you are steeling random neat and pretty house pictures off the internet and pawning them off as your own. . . .

  2. Leslie Loftis said:

    I mix up photos by time mostly, posting something from an old house. But for this and the homeschooling post, nope, those are my work spaces.

  3. Marie said:

    I’m horrified!
    Will try to send pics of my work space. . . .

    I’ll continue to admire you despite your very well put together and kept home.

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