Professional Version

Leslie Loftis is a lawyer and former political campaigner turned freelance writer. Her writing typically covers feminism, law, politics, parenthood, and pop culture, particularly where they intersect. She is a member of Leading Women for Shared Parenting and Hub Dot. She currently lives in Houston with her husband and four children.


Personal/Blogger Version




This blog is made possible by my husband, who suggested and supports it, a small fleet of villagers and babysitters past and present, mostly my mother, my brother, my sister-in-laws, and Silvia, Mirella, Irene, and Luz who have helped me with my children and household chores. Credit also to a school teacher friend, Dodi Swayze. She is my freelance text editor (when I remember to send posts to her first) and to Tifanie, my commenter turned research assistant. And because I’ve been asked a few times, the necklace in my headshot is by Hazen Jewelry.