A wretched HIVE of scum and villainy

POSTED ON Jun 03rd 2016 BY LESLIE LOFTIS UNDER Federalism, Houston, Law, Motherhood, Texas, US Media

Vanity Fair has a new email newsletter, HIVE. The tagline is “Where Wall Street, Washington, and Silicon Valley meet.” I’d bet more than a dime that the name is a play on the famous description of Mos Eisley, the “wretched hive of scum and villainy.” It does fit.

I note, too, the bubble assumptions of it all. Granted, Houston would be better poised to take her place as urban leadership if we had managed to elect a strong leader mayor last year. But still, we get written off as some backwater. Few appreciate how we influence the country.

Joel Kotkin noted this in Battle of the Upstarts. New York City will its influence because of its history and Wall Street, DC because of government. He thinks the San Francisco Bay Area will square off against Houston for significance.

Throw on the dual challenges to Washington DC, lead in significant part by Texas, and the problems facing some of the Silicon Valley powerhouses (see assorted links at HIVE) and Houston will end up leading, whether it is ready or not.


I also note the banner ad for the HIVE newsletter, Shinola, high end fashion leather goods…from Detroit. Not usually the city one thinks of for fashion, but I respect the initiative of a company trying to grow in that city. And the blue shoulder bag is a beauty.

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