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…wondering if I remember how to do these.

So, the Lofti village restoration by party plan continues. We do two big bash, mix and match everyone parties, New Year’s Eve and July the 4th.

4th of July decorations

Pre-party prep

As it is the 5th of July, today is recovery day, and this year we are not flying off to London the next day. Well, Jim is but the rest of us are having a quiet, if hot, July. So no fun adventures with passports. (Come to think of it, no fun adventures with possums, either.)

Since we stayed, there were lots of sleepover requests. I had six supplemental children last night. That’s fine, and much less crazy than previous Lofti 4ths (see posts about passports and possums). It’s good summer fun and they were great. Even were asleep before midnight. Long afternoon of sun, pool, and fireworks will do that for you. But there was no sleeping in.

Boys, the eldest, went off to a service project at church this morning. It’s every Tuesday so it just happened to fall after the 4th this year. I got up, got them up, fed them hotdogs and coffee—we have a lot of leftover hotdogs—and took them to church. Got back and fed the younger girls and nephew hotdogs, toast and berries for breakfast. (Hey, they ate it.)

Started on the camp laundry, which I had delayed until after the party so the laundry room was not a wreck for the 4th. That backfired because the trunks sat in front of the trash towel cabinet.

summer camp trunksThirty-40 wet kiddos running through the stone floor kitchen during the party—I needed those trash towels. Anyway, now have two loads of just towels to add to the 4 kids and 2 weeks worth of camp laundry, which by the way, smells unpleasant. But it is now underway.

I also cleaned the kitchen twice, or once really. Eldest daughter, Peyton, did the second post-lunch cleaning. They made mac n cheese hot dog casserole. (I wasn’t kidding about the lots of hot dogs. The kids don’t know it yet, but I googled “recipes for leftover hotdogs” and we are having hot dog hash tonight.)

The girls dropped some mac on the floor and Peyton, the ever helpful child, cleaned it up and decided to mop the whole kitchen. It was a mess from yesterday, so Yea! But she mopped it with dish soap, so not Yea! “A” for effort. But now the floor is quite sticky.

Add in a sliced finger from watermelon carving, and one of my children complaining of boredom the second my nephew/her partner in crime went home—it’s not even three and I would just like to go back to sleep. Granted the adult beverages list from yesterday might have something to do with that. (The militia offerings are actually my husband’s. He’s perfecting the craft.)

4th of July beer lists

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