A Little Advent Administration

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Two quick items, then I need to get on with our Advent and Christmas planning.

1. Over Thanksgiving, family and friends asked why I had stopped writing. It seems I am not good about linking to my other writing, because I might not write as much here, but I’ve certainly been writing more. I will add a page of other writing links as soon as I get the chance. Until then, my latest: Razing the Village, The End of Men, Rebranding Feminism, Overcoming the Looming Feminist Collapse, (those two have become a discussion series with Susan Goldberg), and Yes, Virginia, I know Exactly How You Feel. A few friends have asked if they can sign up to get those pieces by email. I don’t think so, but I link to them here, usually within a few days of publishing. You can get an email feed for this blog and get the article links when I blog about them. Scroll down to the “To your inbox” section at the bottom of this page. If you are worried about inbox clutter, I only blog a few times a month these days.

2. For a couple of years, in the fight against Christmas commercialism, I have been returning our family to the liturgical calendar for Advent and Christmas. I’ve just submitted my post on how to stop “Gimmie!” attacks and avoid the December 26th anticipation withdrawal. Heading off Suzanne Power’s objection if I don’t post sample plans, these are our Advent and Christmas Schedules for this year. I’ll post a link to the article when it goes up. Here: Christmas Rush Got You Down? Try This One Neat (and Ancient) Trick.

Advent schedule 1

That’s actually Caroling and Chili on the 14th. This is Texas, after all.

Advent Sechdule 2 12 Days of Christmas schedule


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